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Our mission is to educate minorities on issues which directly and indirectly affect them. Issues such as police brutality, homelessness, Welfare Reforms, inadequate housing, etc . . . Through community service, educational workshops, protests and open forums, we hope to accomplish our mission. Our organization has been maintained by a diverse group of men with strong educational backgrounds. The continual maintainance and building of our brotherhood has established a bond of a lifetime. This bond and unity shared by our members, has allowed us to accomplish many goals. Goals which we have set for our brotherhood and for the uplift of the community. Our members are dedicated to service as well as the organization. Finally, we encourage our members as well as minority youth to further their education.


Adopt -A- Highway
Faith Services
M.S. Walk
Pro Liberdad Lecture and Picture Exhibition
Urban League
Adopt -A- Child
New Hope Housing - Clothes Drive
Breaking Latino Barriers
Finals Treats
Puerto Rican Festivals - Newark
Feed the Homeless
After School Program - Miller Street School
Clothes Drive
Soup Kitchens Hope for Kids
Educational Workshop for Mt. St. Joseph school for boys
Aids Walk in NY
Cancer Care Walk
American Red Cross - Hurricane George Relief Food/Clothes drive
Philanthropy: Every Thanksgiving the Brothers of Beta Kappa Psi Black and Latino Fraternity Inc., collect clothing, cook dinner and distribute it to the homeless across New Jersey.
. . . and many more . . . Service is essential!

Thanks for visiting our Mission Page... this page is still under construction. So Please come back and visit us once again.