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On October 14, 1992, an elite group of eight men joined together at New Jersey Institute of Technology to establish Beta Kappa Psi Black and Latino Fraternity Inc. They were seeking to establish an organization that would contribute to the responsibilities of society. The main goals adopted by our founders were: to unite men of all creeds and colors, make connection with an identified area of community need, and the most important strive for academic excellence, and it still stands until this day. Our founders strived to stand up for the rights of minorities. They witnessed many injustices in the Black and Latino communities. Therefore, they felt that Blacks and Latinos were two of the main oppressed groups in the United States. For that reason, we are a Black and Latino organization. Our brotherhood is open to men of all creeds and color. Since our foundation , we have been a very progressive organization reaching out to many men with the same goals and objectives. Beta Kappa Psi is a non-profit, Social/Service Organization. We are a fully insured organization.

Mascot:The Black Panther
Motto:Brotherhood, Knowledge and Pride
Colors:Black, Silver and Gold

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